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Thoughts on Content

Okay, so I have been sitting here the past 30 minutes or so trying to figure out exactly How to Organize, Serve and Archive this content. Even using a database with Categories, Search abilities and Tags, I'm still somewhat lost.

Don't get me wrong, I know the best uses for categories and tags, sometimes referred to collectively as Taxonomies, being better to have only a few main categories and just tag everything else. I've prematurely added Breadcrumbs to the blog above to help visitors maneuver around the website and preparing to soon use Canonical links when things get weird, but still...

Meaning, whereas a website on Growing Plants such as Flowers or a Cooking Website might have an obviously limited amount of Main Topics (e.g. Propagation and Mulching, Sheet Mulching, Forestry Mulching, Stubble Mulching or Chicken and Dinner), Programming and Software Design or Web Development and Graphic Design can become quite a bit more overwhelming.

For instance, on your cooking website, you might have a main category of things such as a particular Cuisine, Holiday, a particular type of Meat or a particular type of Vegetable and tags of maybe Microwave, Crockpot, Baked, Boiled, Broiled, Fried, Grilled or Pickled.

Obviously, if it's a cooking website, then you wouldn't necessarily have Recipes as a main category, nor would you typically use the term "recipe" as a tag. One would simply expect your cooking website to have recipes, maybe as a category, which is more than likely Why they came to your website in the first place, right?

However, recipes as a category might be fine if your website had other content not related to recipes...

As well, you probably wouldn't have a separate category for every single meat, types of cheese, maybe for each category as a list of cheeses, or condiment, rather using tags which would pull up a Tag Page with links to all of the recipes containing, for instance, barbecue or chicken.

You could also categorize your recipes by meal type (e.g. Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert, Dinner or Supper, Holiday, Lunch, Snack, etc). This would give the visitors an easy means of quickly getting to the meal-type or outline a Cuisine or a Food Preparation they desired. If preparing for a party, they might be looking specifically for recipes which could accommodate a large crowd, something simple and easy under a category such as Party Trays.

By the way, just to point out the number of results returned for the last few; Recipes for Party Trays (About 6,610,000 results), Recipes for Large Crowds (About 716,000 results), and Party Recipes (About 1,800,000,000 results), while searching for the single term of "Recipes" returned About 562,000,000.

After locating a really awesome Seafood Dinner as a category, you could add tags to the contents of that meal (e.g. Fish, Crab Legs, Shrimp, Lobster, Tuna, etc) instead of having them listed as categories; these wouldn't really seem prudent as categories unless you were specializing in Seafood, maybe, but then again Seafood might also be a category, and also maybe a tag, especially tagged on individual Seafood Recipes.

Although tagging can get as deep as one wishes, you would not likely be tagging Garlic, Olive, Onion, Pepper, Potato or Salt, or maybe you would, but unless your blog was focused primarily on Herbs like a List of culinary herbs and spices and Seasonings, it would become overwhelming as categories.

A website for growing flowers; you would potentially have less main categories than one which dealt with growing every, single plant under the sun. A main category might be something along the lines of Aeroponics, Hydroponics, Cuttings, Fertilizing, Irrigation, Pruning, or maybe all those would be tags.

Actually, a website for growing flowers might have main categories of Roses, Carnations, Annuals, Perennials, etc, and making pruning a tag...

Nevertheless, if you were attempting to build a website with the intent on teaching how to grow every single plant known to man, I'm still sure that you could figure a means of organizing the plants by species, by name, specify a list of Garden Plants or something along the lines of Fruits (simple list, Culinary List), Vegetables (simple list), Bushes, Shrubs, Trees or Some means of categorization that makes sense.

However, when I try to figure out how to organize web development which "contains" many of the topics I wish to write articles on, much less Software Design and Programming which aren't necessarily related, I begin getting a bit dizzy...

Please do keep in mind that I am more or less thinking as I write, about the same way I Think Out Loud, to actually hear myself think, and it does help at times. It's up to you if you care to read on further, but this is somewhat of the Reason I need a platform to blog . . .

Let's say I use Programming as a category, sticking to the main and actual Programming Languages (Education) and make the tags as Javascript and PHP. Well, that's pretty much it, or is it? But wait... PHP is actually a programming panguage, as is Javascript. Now that I'm thinking a bit more clear on this, web development really has no place here, or does it?

Attempting to compare programming languages that are used for software development, and those specifically for Web Development, it begins to get a bit tangled for me...

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to create categories of various programming languages, maybe an extended Big List and just use web development as a tag, but then again I have so very much to write on the aforementioned that it wouldn't make sense as a tag, but likewise, it doesn't really seem like a category, or maybe it does.

Actually, tags and categories can be both underused and overused as well as having a positive or negative impact on SEO and can range anywhere from your website being the awesome Blog everyone is talking about and sharing with their friends on Facebook to having devastating consequences...

In fact, if a tag isn't used but a couple to a few times across all of your pages or postings, Search Engines might consider that it is not relevant to your website at all, whereas too many repeat tags might be even worse. Search Engine Crawlers can see and read tags and quickly assess your content, as well as your tags.

Basically, tags are intended to improve the user experience if done correctly. Better content and better user experience makes your website or blog rank higher, which in SEO terms, makes your website more findable.

If I'm writing an article on HTML, let's say a tutorial specific to "only" HTML, then web development might make sense as a tag. Alternatively, if I were writing an article on creating a WordPress Plugin which allows a user to import Static HTML files into their WordPress, then HTML, Plugin and WordPress would make good tags.

Actually, the more I think about web development, the more I become unsure if it should even be used as a tag, but it would be used many times throughout Programming Tutorials.

That seems fairly straightforward, and really a less complicated example of a plugin structure, but what about the inter-workings of my Plugin Tutorial such as the PHP that includes the Functions, Javascript, jQuery, the flushing, the redirection of the Permalinks, not to mention if I added extended options?

Would I tag each and every single thing I write about? Would I add tags for CMS and Programming too? What if my plugin contains various Languages and Classes and more.., do I tag all of that too?

Moreover, if I made web development a standalone category, and tag everything like Blog, CMS (e.g. PHP/CMS Blogging Platforms: Concrete5, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Mambo, WordPress, etc), CSS, CSS3, Database, HTML, HTML5, Javascript, Links, Markup, Markdown, Networking (Computer), PHP, Scripting (Language), Server Side Scripting, SEO, Social Networking, SQL, Web Server, Web Service Framework (Comparison) (e.g. Codeigniter, Zend, etc.), Web Hosting, Website, etc, it just starts making less sense to make each of these tags, but then again should they all be categories?

It just has me scratching my head and taking away from the time I could be focusing on writing articles instead of trying to figure out how to organize and serve all of this content efficiently. Category archives are way more important than individual pages, posts or tags, the most important landing pages for SEO Rankings that can be created.

IMO, content is secondarily important, leaving tags to fall in third place. With as much planned content as I have in mind, categories are a must to keep my pages and posts from competing with each other.

As mentioned, and trust me I have neglected to mention quite a lot, many of the programming languages such as .NET Framework, Ajax, ASP.NET (MVC), etc, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby (on Rails), and yes I do consider Javascript more than just a Scripting Language, are all used in Web Programming and in Web Development as a whole.

Well, after walking away for a few minutes and grabbing a bite to eat, it suddenly becomes crystal clear to me that I will now create my first category, Web Development adding it as a primary category. If the intent of this website was to focus primarily on Web Development, having a category of this name or possibly even a tag would seem redundant and unnecessary.

However, since this particular website is focused on not only on Programming and Software Development but Web Programming, Web Development and working with Source Code of all types, it now makes perfect sense to have Programming and Web Development as the main two categories. As to tagging them, and what other categories and tags are used in the future, only Time will tell, but what's so crazy is that it's taken me approximately 2 1/2 hours just to plug in the links :/...

One last thought on the categories and tag thingy; as mentioned above, if a tag isn't used but a couple to a few times across the entire website, such as these food links above, Search Engines might consider that it is not relevant to your website at all. In this case, other than this article, I'm unsure that chicken and barbecue would be mentioned very often. For this reason, and to further my point, they do not deserve tags on this particular website.

Anyway, for those of you who have made it through this first post on after noticing the Breadcrumb trail at the top of the page and wondered what in the world I was going on about, just know that this post helped me figure it out and I appreciate those who stuck with the post and hoping it in some way helps others who might be in the same quandary, although I'm still a bit lost as to even where to file this article and Programming Overview when neither really gets into specifics...lol :p

Hoping everyone is doing well and enjoying the New Year 2017! Steven R. Ward (Kosyman)
KosyDomains.com Owner/Admin