About Us

ItAllWorksTheSame.com was created with the hopes of sharing IT knowledge and education with those who desire to learn programming. Out of all the community projects, this will be by far the most detailed and time-demanding.

Actually, this project might end up elsewhere in more of a blogging atmosphere to allow members to login and comment. Sharing YouTube tutorial videos might end up easing things, as I have quite a plate full of projects to get out this year. In fact, video is a great means of learning and I do have several people that have many awesome videos which have taught me a great deal. Nevertheless, please be Especially Patient on this project, more so than any other...

Here's a listing of planned subject matter for this website:
Web Design, Graphic Design, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, PHP, HHVM, Hack, Node.js, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, BigTable, MariaDB, HBase, Cassandra, Voldemort, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server, C, C++, objective-C, C#, Xcode, Swift, D, OCaml, Haskell, Erlang, Xhp, Go, Java, Perl, Python, Django, ColdFusion, Scala, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, various Software Development, Command Line and Bash, iOS and Android App Development, various Linux and Windows tutorials and quite a few other interests such as OOP (Object Oriented Programming), VPN (Virtual Private Networking), Cloud, Linux and Windows Web Hosting, various CMS (Content Management Systems) and available Frameworks, an overview of some APIs such as RESTful, etc, a ton of Security-related articles and suggestions and much, much more...

The above is listed just so you know where I'm heading with this project. For those who are interested in Computer-related Issues, Programming, Web Development and Graphic Design, this will hopefully be a good resource for learning these subjects. For those who are Not interested in these subjects, this website will probably not seem very interesting. Basically, I live most of my Online and Offline Life in Source Files, which has become somewhat personally complacent and assisting others a prominent compassion. If you would like to read some thoughts on where my head is right now with this website, feel free to click here

Here again, this website is currently under development and may very well take a backseat to other projects. Please bookmark ItAllWorksTheSame.com, remain very patient and return soon to see what extent this project has evolved ~ thanks for visiting and wishing everyone a Blessed and Safe New Year 2017!